What is SSC MTS 2020-21 Syllabus for Tier 1 Exam?

What is SSC MTS 2020 Syllabus for Tier 1 Exam?

Earlier, the Staff Selection Commission was supposed to release the official notice on November 03, 2018 but it has now been postponed. With a delay in the notification release, the aspirants can complete their preparation for SSC Multitasking Staff exam on time. The candidates should start the preparation by considering the previous year’s SSC MTS 2020 syllabus as the commission is unlikely to introduce any changes. Go through the detailed syllabus of tier-1 exam of MTS exam here.

SSC MTS is a two-tier exam in which both stages are qualifying in nature. In order to qualify, the exam-takers must obtain the score equal to or more than minimum qualifying marks. The Paper-1/ Tier-1 exam consists of four sections while Paper-2/ Tier-2 exam comprises a short essay/ letter writing.

Detailed syllabus of Tier-1 Exam| SSC MTS 2020

Whether you are studying from a reference book or using online study resources, you must prepare the topics mentioned below. The table below indicates the type of questions asked in the exam.

Topics in Numerical Aptitude| SSC MTS 2020

For the preparation of the quantitative section in MTS, it is recommended to choose an authentic reference book. You can rely on one of the two books given below:

  • Quantitative Aptitude for Competitive Examination (by R.S. Aggarwal)
  • Arithmetic for General Competition Vol 1 & 2 (by Neetu Singh)
Name of Topic No. of expected questions Type of questions
Algebra 1-2 Questions employing algebraic identities, linear and quadratic equations, word problems, finding the value of a variable
Profit, Loss & Discount 3-5 Finding profit and loss, profit percent, loss percent, discount, and discount percent, increase percent, decrease percent, sales & tax
Percentage 1-2 Problems on calculating the percentage
Ratio & Proportion 0-2 Simple and compound ratio
SI & CI 1-2 Problems demanding the use of SI & CI, Finding Compound interest annually, CI half-yearly, and CI quarterly, problems on installments
Time & Work 1-3 Questions on 2-3 people working together, wages, pipes & cisterns
Time, Distance & Speed 1-3 Problems deploying distance formula, average speed, relative speed. Problems on boats, trains & streams
Number System 0-2 Problems on divisibility, remainder, unit digit, and HCF and LCM
Average 1-2 Problems on the calculation of weighted average, addition & removal of items, replacement of items
Number Series 1-2 Series completion, spotting incorrect or missing term
Data Interpretation 2-3 Questions related to line graphs, bar charts, pie, and tables.
Mensuration 2-4 Problems on 2D and 3D figures with the help of formulas of the square, rectangle, circles, cone, cylinder, sphere, etc.
Geometry 1-2 Congruence of triangles, circles, and quadrilaterals.
Problem on ages 3-5 Basic problems that can be solved using linear equations and substitution method.
Mixture & Allegation 0-2 Problems on the calculation of ratio or quantity
Trigonometry 1-2 Problems that demand the use of trigonometric identities, ratios, height, and distance.

Topics in General Reasoning| SSC MTS 2020

For the preparation of the general reasoning section, you can refer to one of the following reference books. List of the important books given here.

  • Lucent Reasoning (by Arihant Publication)
  • A Modern Approach to Verbal & Non-Verbal Reasoning (by R.S. Aggarwal)
Name of Topic No. of expected questions Type of questions
Classification 2-3 Odd-one-out
Missing Numbers 2-3 To guess the missing number
Analogy 2-3 Identifying the right match for the specified word/term
Matrix 1 Finding the relevant number for the specified number
Coding & Decoding 1-3 To decode prescribed word through the data provided
Venn Diagram 1-2 To find union and intersection from the figure
Word Formation 1-2 Unscrambling the words
Blood Relation 1 Relationship-Based Questions asked in the form of puzzles and coded relations
Distance & Direction 23 Finding the right direction, calculating the distance using the Pythagorean theorem
Number & Word Series 3-4 To guess the missing number or the alphabet
Arrangement of Words 1-2 To arrange the words in an alphabetical order
(Figure Completion, Figure Count, Paper Cutting & Folding)
1-2 Problems that demand, finding the right mirror, hidden images, and require figure completion
(Statement conclusion, Arguments, Assertion & Reason, and Statement & Interference
4-5 To find a solution by assessing the statement and making an assumption, problems on statement and conclusions, and problems on statement and interferences.

 Topics in General English| SSC MTS 2020

For the preparation of the general English, prefer picking one of these books:

  • Plinth to Paramount (by Wren & Martin)
  • Word Power Made Easy (by Norman Lewis)
Name of Topic No. of expected questions Types of Questions
Reading Comprehension 5 Unseen passage
Fill in the blanks 0-2 Selecting the relevant word to make the sentence meaningful
Sentence correction 1-2 Applying rules of grammar to make corrections in the sentence
Synonyms & Antonyms 5-6 Vocabulary test
Error Spotting 3-4 To identify a mistake in a sentence
Idioms & Phrases 2-3 Finding the meaning of an idiom or a phrase
One word substitution 1-3 Finding the most appropriate word for the specified phrase
Spelling check 2 To find a correctly spelled word or an incorrect word

Topics in General Awareness| SSC MTS 2020

For the preparation of the general awareness section, it is recommended to choose one of the book titles provided below:

  • Lucent’s Objective General Knowledge (by Lucent Publication)
  • Lucent’s GK Paperback (by Dr. Binay Karna, Sanjeev Kumar, and Manwendra Mukul)
Chapter Name of Topic No. of expected questions
Social Science/ Static GK Indian History 4-5
Polity 3-4
Economy 2-3
Culture 1-2
Environment 1-2
Science Physics 3-4
Biology 2-3
Chemistry 2-3
Computer & Mobile Technology 1-2
Diseases & Pollution 1-2
Nutrition 1-2
Dynamic Events Current Affairs 5-6
Sports, Popular People, Books 2-3
Dates, Portfolios & Schemes 1-2

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