CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021 Check Mathematics Paper Solution/Answer Sheet PDF

By | December 6, 2021

CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021 PDF Download: Dear Candidates Central Board XIIth Class Mathematics Exam take place on 6th December. The CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Paper Solution is available within few hours of the exam completion. The 12th Class Term 1 Mathematics Paper will conclude at 1 PM. By time students read their homes, the CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Paper Answer Sheet will start coming. The CBSE 12th Mathematics Paper Answer Sheet PDF is provided here as soon as we get hold of the paper.

The students will start looking for the CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021 as they come out of the exam center. Every participants is anxious to know the Answers to their question and match with their options. This way they will have a sense about their result.

Latest News: According to students, 12th Class Mathematics Term 1 Exam Paper was moderate but lengthy, The CBSE 12th Maths 6 Dec Paper Answer Key for all 50 questions are provided in below.

CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021

The Central Board has begun conducting 12th Class Term 1 Examination on 1st December. Mathematics comes on third number, as per the CBSE 12th Term 1 Time Table 2021. Soon after finishing the paper students have urge to know CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021. As they can match their answer with the CBSE 12th Term 1 Mathematics Paper Solution. Find out how much they have scored in the Mathematics Paper. By doing students will have confidence that they have secured good marks in this paper. To check CBSE 12th Term 1 Maths Answer Sheet PDF students need to go online. We are gonna discuss the CBSE 12th Term 1 Maths Answer Key 2021 within few hours of the exam completion. Students can find the Section Wise CBSE 12th Term 1 Mathematics Answer Sheet PDF below.

Check CBSE 12th Term 1 Subject Wise Paper Solution

CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021

CBSE 12th Term 1 Mathematics Paper Solution 2021 PDF

Students who have participated in the 12th Mathematics Paper which took place on 6th December. They can now find out the CBSE 12th Term 1 Mathematics Answer Key 2021 details here. The 12th Class Maths Paper will contain 60 question in it, which will be divided into 3-4 section. We are tell you the Answer for all 60 questions which have asked in the paper. Students can get the CBSE 12th Term 1 Maths Answer Key 2021 PDE format. The CBSE 12th Term 1 Mathematics Paper Solution session will begin hour after the paper completion. In this time we will solve and provide the correct answers for Mathematics Paper.

12th Term 1 6 Dec Mathematics Paper Solution- SSJ-2 Set-4


Que 1: A relation R is defined on N, which of the following is the reflexive relation?

Ans: R= {(x, y) xy is the square number, x, y belongs to N}

Que 2: The function f(R-> R) defined by f(x)= 4+3 cos x is

Ans: Neither One-One nor onto

Que 3: If y= cot-1 x, x<0 then:

Ans: Pie/2<y<x

Que 4: The number of functions defined from (1, 2, 3, 4, 5) -> (a, b) which are one-one is:

Ans: 0

Que 5: if A= [4 2

-1 1] then (A-2I)(A-3I) is equal to:

Ans: O

Que 6: If P is a 3×3 matrix such that P’= 2P+I where P is the transpose of P then:

Ans: P =-I

Que 7: If order of matric A is 2×3, of matric B is 3×2 and of the matrix c is 3×3 then which one of the following is not defined?

Ans: C(A+B’)

Que 8: if A= [alfa  2

2   alfa] and [A3]= 27 then the value of alfa is:

Ans: +/- root7

Que 9: If [ 5 3 -1

-7 x -3

9 6 -2] = 0 then the value of x is:

Ans: 9

Que 10: the inverse of  [-4   3

7   -5] is :

Ans:  [5  3

7  4]

Que 11: If A= [1   0   0

0   1   0

59     69   -1 ] then A^-1

Ans: is A

Que 12: If the function f(x)= {3x- 8 if x <=5 and 2k if x>5 is continuous, then value of k is:

Ans:  7/2

Que 13: The function f(x) = {x} where {x} is the greatest integer function that is less than or equal to x is continuous at:

Ans: 1.5

Que 14: If y = tan-1 (e2x), then dy/dx is equal to:

Ans: 2e2x/1+ e4x

Que 15: If y2(2-x)= x2 then (dy/dx)(1,1) is equal to:

Ans: 2

Que 16: The angle between the tangents to the curve y= x2-5x+6 at the point (2, 0) and (3, 0) is:

Ans: pie/2

Que 17: The interval in which function y= x3+ 6×2+6 is increasing is:

Ans: (-infinite, -4) U (0, infinite)

Que 18: The value of x for which (x-x2) is maximum is:

Ans: 1/2

Que 19: If the corner points of the feasible region of an LPP are (0,3), (3, 2)  and (0, 5) then the minimum value of Z= 11z+ 7y is:

Ans: 21

Que 20: The number of solutions of the system of inequations x+2y<= 3, 3x+4y>=12, x>=0, y>=1 is:

Ans: 0

Section B

Que 21: The number of equivalence relations in the set {1, 2, 3} containing the elements (1, 2) and (2, 1) is:

Ans: 2

Que 22: Let f: R->R be defined by f(x)= 1/x for all xER then f is

Ans: not defined

Que 23: The function f:N->N is defined by f(n)= { n+1/2, if n is odd and n/2, if n is even

Ans: onto but not one-one

Que 24: The value of sin-1(cos13x/5) is :

Ans: – pie/10

Que 25: If sin-1 x>cos-1 x then x should lie in the interval:


Que 26: if A= [cos alfa  -sin alfa

sin alfa   cos alfa] and A+ A’= I, then the value of alfa is:

Ans: pie/3

Que 27: The determinant [y+k   y y

y   y+k y

y   y   y+k] is equal to:

Ans: k2(3y+k)

Que 28: if A [1 -2  4

2  -1 3

4  2 0] is the adjoint of a square matrix B then B-1 is equal to:

Ans: +/- 1/root2 A

Que 29: If A [1  -1  1

1 -1  1

1  -1  1] then A5-A4-A3+A2 is equal to:


Que 30: if Y= e-x then d2y/dx2 is equal to:

Ans: y

Que 31: If x=t2+1, y=2at then d2y/dx2 at t=a is:

Ans: -1/2a2

Que 32: The function f(x)= { x2 for x<1 and 2-x for x>= 1 is:

Ans: not differentiable at x= 1

Que 33: The curve x2-xy+y2=27 has tangents parallel to x-axis at:

Ans: (3, 6) and (-3, -6)

Que 34: A wire of length 20 cm is bent in the form of a sector of a circle. The maximum area that can be enclosed by the wire is:

Ans: 25 sq cm

Que 35: The function (x- sin x) decreases for:

Ans: no value of x

Que 36: If theta is the angle of intersection between the curves y2=4ax and ay=ax2 at (a, 2a), then the value of tan theta us:

Ans: 3/5

Que 37:  The maximum value of z=3x+4y subject to the constraints x>= 0, and x+y<=1 is:

Ans: 4

Que 38: The feasible region of an LPP is given in the following figure: then constraint of the LPP are x>=0, y>=0 and

Ans: 2x+ y<=104 and x+2y<=76

Que 39: If the minimum value of an objective function Z=ax+ by occurs at two points (3, 4) and (4, 3) then:

Ans: a=b

Que 40: For the following LPP

Maximum Z= 3x+4y

subject to constraints

x-y>=-1, x<=3

x>=0, y>=0

the maximum value is:

Ans: 25

Section C

Que 41: A relation R is defined on Z as : aRb is only is a2-7ab+6b2=0 then R is:

Ans: reflexive but not symmetric

Que 42: The value of [L1   L2    L3

2L2   3L3   4L4

L3    L4  L5] is :


Que 43: If [1 -tan theta

tan theta 1]   [1 tan theta

-tan theta 1]-1 + [ a -b

b   a] then:

Ans: a= cos 2 theta, b= sin 2 theta

Que 44: The normal to the curve 3y= 6x- 5×3 at the point (1, 1/3) passes through the point:

Ans: (3, 1)

Que 45: If y = sin (2 sin-1 x) then (1-x2)y2  is equal to:


Case Study: some young…

Que 46:  The volume (V) of casted half cylinder will be:

Ans: 1/2 pie r2h

Que 47: The total surface area (S) of the casted half cylinder will be:

Ans: pie rh + pie r2+ 2rh

Que 48: The total surface are S can be expressed in terms of V and r as:

Ans: pie r2 + 2V(pie+2)/pie r

Que 49: For the given half cylinder of volume V, then total surface are S is minimum when:

Ans: (pie +2)V= pie2 r2

Que 50: The ratio h:2r for S to be minimum will be equal to:

Ans: pie: pie +2

CBSE 12th Nov-Dec Maths Exam Answer Sheet 2021 PDF

The 12th Class 2 Paper already been conducted by the board and today is third paper for Mathematics. Many students struggle to grasp on Mathematics Subject easily. So they have little bit of sense fear in them, that are they going to get good marks in Math or not. We suggest that students should worry about that and find out the correct options for CBSE 12th Class Term 1 Maths Paper here. And then evaluate their performance for the Mathematics Paper. By matching their options with the CBSE 12th Term 1 Maths Answer Key 2021 students will know how much they are scoring in this paper.

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CBSE 12th Term 1 Exam Result 2021-22 Name Wise

The students who are participating in the 12th Class Term 1 Exam they must be asking the when will the CBSE 12th Nov-Dec Exam Result 2021-22 is released online. According to latest news the CBSE 12th Term 1 Exam Result 2022 will be released online in the January month. Although the students can get some sense about the 12th Nov-Dec Exam Result by checking the CBSE 12th Term 1 Math Answer Key 2021. They will have the idea about how much they will get in this subject. After the official release of the CBSE 12th Term 1 Result 2021, we are gonna update it here. If the aspirants will have any query they can ask in the comment section.

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