CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021 Download BS Paper Code 54 Solution PDF

CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021 Paper Solution PDF: Dear Candidates, the Central Board conducts the Business Studies Paper Exams on 8th December. Students who are race to know the CBSE 12th Term 1 Business Studies Paper Solution 2021. The CBSE 8th December 12th Exam Answer Sheet 2021 PDF is updated online within few hours of the exam completion. The Board has uploaded the Previous Paper Exam Solutions for Sociology, English Core, and Mathematics Subjects are uploaded online.

Participants are in rush to find out the CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Sheet online. We are gonna share the students reaction for the 12th Business Studies and paper analysis soon after the paper completion. More details about CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021 and 8th December Paper Solution PDF is provided in the below section of this page.

Latest News: The CBSE 12th Business Studies Exam is completed now. The Business Studies Exam Paper Analysis, Answer Sheet is available in below of this page.

CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021

The CBSE 12th Class Business Studies Subject Exams is on 5th Paper According to CBSE 12th Term 1 Time Table 2021. The Central Board has begun the 12th Class Term 1 Exam from 1st December. The CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021 will available here after within hour of exam completion. The experts will share their CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Paper Solution PDF hour after the exam. We have shared the CBSE 12th Term 1 Answer Keys for previous papers here. The Central Board is gonna finish the 12th Class Term 1 Home Science Paper on 22nd December. The CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key will play an important to match their options in the exam paper.

Check CBSE 12th Term 1 Answer Key – Subject Wise

CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021

CBSE 12th Term 1 Business Studies Paper Solution 2021 PDF

Central Board is going to conduct the Business Studies Paper Exam on 8th December. The Exam will finish on the usual time which 1 PM. The 12th Class Term 1 Business Studies Paper will also have Object Type Questions. So the students wants to get the CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key as soon as they can find online. The Board is going to upload the Official Answer Key for the 12th Business Studies Paper online later in the evening. Before that many schools and coaching institutes will upload the CBSE 12th Term 1 Business Studies Paper Solution 2021 pdf online. The Solution for the BS Paper Code 54 Paper Solution will be updated here section wise. So that students can find out the CBSE 12th December 8 Answer Sheet can match their answer with it.

Series: SSJ/2- Set-4 Business Studies Paper Solution

Section- A

Que 1: At times a business may concentrate…

Ans: Efficient but not effective

Que 2: The Process that initiates implementation….

Ans: Organizing

Que 3: Which Marketing management Philosophy…

Ans: Product Concept

Que 4: The Objective of which of the following techniques of scientific management is to…

Ans: Time Study

Que 5: Which of the following is an element of political enviornemnt?

Ans: Attitude of the elected government representatives towards business.

Que 6: The function of marketing that involves physical movement of goods from one place to another is called:

Ans: Transportation

Que 7: Identify the principle of management given by Fayol according…

Ans: Division of Work

Que 8:  Which product-related decision is concerned with providing detailed information about the product on its package?

Ans: Labelling

Que 9: Which step in the process planning function management involves weighing pros and cons of each alternative?

Ans: Evaluating alternative courses

Que 10: The element of delegation which relates to the obligation of a subordinate to properly perform the assigned duty is known as:

Ans: Responsibility

Que 11: The type of organizational structure in which jobs of similar nature are…

Ans: Functional Structure

Que 12: Which of following statements correctly explains the limitation of planning “planning does not guarantee success?

Ans: Relaying on a previously tried and tested Successful plan just because it had worked before and will work again.

Que 13: Product cost as a factor affecting price determination of a product includes:

Ans: Cost of producing, distributing and selling the product.

Que 14: The concept of Mental Revolution as prescribed by Taylor, involves a change in the mindset of:

Ans: Workers and management towards one another from competition to cooperation.

Que 15: The element of marketing mix by which marketers make use of various …

Ans: Promotion

Que 16: Planning is an intellectual activity of thinking rather doing, which feature of of planning is highlighted in this statement?

Ans: Planning is a mental exercise

Que 17: Which of the following activities is not considered to be part of customer support services?

Ans: Identifying the needs of the customers and taking various marketing decisions.

Que 18: This principle will give rise to a spirit of mutual trust…

Ans: Esprit de Corps

Que 19: Which level of management is responsible for coordinating the activities of different departments according to overall …

Ans: Top Level

Que 20: The purpose of Departmentalization in the process of organizing is:

Ans: To facilitate specialization.

Que 21: Which of the following options explains the Standardizations and Grading function of marketing?

Ans: It helps in achieving uniformity and consistency in the classified in the product output and into different groups based in their size.

Que 22: Business environment is said to e uncertain as:

Ans: It is difficult to predict future happenings especially when environment changes are taking place too frequently

Que 23: Name the concept which explains the manner in which decision making responsibilities are divided among hierarchical level:

Ans: Delegation

Que 24: Organisations would have a chain of authority and communication that runs from top to bottom and should be followed by managers and the subordinates.

Ans: Scalar Chain

Section- B

Que 25: Flavours of South is famous chain of South Indian restaurant…

Ans: Co-operation and Individualism

Que 26:  Which of the following statements is correct with reference to organising function of management?

Ans: Leads to systematics allocation of jobs and facilitates specialisation.

Que 27: Which of the following functions of marketing can improve performance of the product and also give…

Ans: Product Designing and Development

Que 28: Ram Murthy a professor of Management conducted a class on….

The Nature of management highlighted in the above case is:

Ans: Management as Art

Que 29: Pioneer Ltd is dealing in fruit juices and hair oils…

Ans: Unity of Direction

Que 30: The tool of promotion which involves making use of short term…

Ans: Sales Promotion

Que 31: The Management gives a common direction to the individual…

Ans: Helps in achieving group goals.

Que 32: Uttam Ayurvedic Ltd is an established Indian company manufacturing organic…

Ans: Planning may not work in dynamic environment.

Que 33: Several initiatives have been undertaken by the Government of India to…

Ans: Political Environment

Que 34: Which of the following statements is true?

Ans: Accountability refers to answerable for final outcome of the assigned task.

Que 35: Which of the following features of a professional fully satisfied by management?

Ans: Well Defined body of Knowledge.

Que 36: Agile Pvt Ltd manufactures athletic footwear. Owing to its popularity among…

Ans: Divisional Structure

Que 37: The Fayol’s principle of …… emphasis on kindliness and justice…

Ans: Equity

Que 38: Harshita Verma has set up a factory to manufacture herbal hand sanitizers in Meerut…

Ans: Primary Packaging

Que 39:  Management principle help in thoughtful decision making…

Ans: Scientific Decisions.

Que 40: SORT IT Ltd is a leading software development company…

Ans: Personal

Que 41: The Step in the process of planning which is concerned with putting the plan into action…

Ans: Implementing the plan

Que 42: The Application of principle of management is dependent…

Ans: Contigent

Que 43: Two Statements Question

Statement 1: If the demand of a product is…

Statement 2: In case the degree of competition is inelastic…

Ans: Statement 1 is correct and Statement II is wrong.

Que 44: It acts as the binding force between departments and ensures…

Ans: Co-Ordination ensures unity of action.

Que 45: While Performing the organizing function, jobs are allocated to the…

Ans: Assignment of Duties.

Que 46: The function of marketing which involves taking…

Ans: Physical Distribution

Que 47: The…. techniques proposed by Taylor aims at eliminating…

Ans: Standardization and simplification of work.

Que 48: Assertion A: Delegation is a pre-requisite…

R: It enables a manager to use his time….

Ans: Both A and R are correct and R is the correct explanation of A.

Case Study- JS Printing Solution Ltd is an company manufacturing printers…

Que 49: Identify the concept of management used by Ashok to ensure accomplishment of the new project.

Ans: Delegation

Que 50: The Application of the concept used above allows Ashik to use his time on high priority areas, Thus will lead to the organization towards.

Ans: Effective Management

Que 51: On getting the charge, Deepak was very happy…

Ans: Motivating the employees

Que 52: The concept discussed above provide benefit to:

Ans: Both Superior and Subordinates

Que 53: The concept discussed above helps in …

Ans: The subordinate gains experience and he is in a position to take up leading positions in new ventures.

Que 54: Which of following statements is not true about the concept discussed above?

Ans: It is necessary in all organizations.

Que 55: In delight ICE Creams LTD decision making authority is…

Ans: Centralization and decentralization

Que 56: Priya Seth a fashion designer  has launched a new range…

Ans: Trade Marks

Que 57: Safe Life Technologies Private Ltd is a renowned …

Ans: Public Relation

Que 58: Ritu Kapoor has set up a bakery…

Ans: Developing Premises.

Que 59: Somesh works as a foreman in Lakshmi Automatives Ltd….

Ans: Functional Foremanship

Que 60: Vidhya Public School a renowned school in Nagpur…

Ans: Equity

CBSE 12th 8th December Exam Answer Sheet 2021 PDF

After finishing with the Business Studies Exam Paper on 8th December at 1 PM. All the participants will rush to find out the CBSE 12th 8th December Paper Answer Key 2021 PDF online. Many students will go to YouTube channels online and try to look for the CBSE 12th Term 1 December 8 Exam Paper Answer Sheet. To remove all that process we are gonna update the CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key for question by question. The 12th Business Studies Term 1 Paper will have 3 to 4 section. Where students will have to solve the number of question which have asked to solve.

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CBSE 12th Term 1 Exam Result 2022 Name Wise

The Central Board has not make any announcement to release the CBSE 12th Term 1 Exam Result 2022 online. So the students be attentive and continue to look for the CBSE 12th Nov-Dec Exam Result 2022 release date online. If the Central Board is gonna announce the 12th Term 1 Exam Result, it may available in the January month. So the students can find out and know about the CBSE 12th Term 1 Exam Marks and know about their performance. Later the 12th Class Term 1 Exam Marks will then be added. To the Term 2 Marks and formed the final 12th Class Result. As of now students will check the CBSE 12th Business Studies Term 1 Answer Key 2021. Get the scenario about how much marks you will get in this paper. If the students will have any query they can ask in the comment section.

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